My name is Aisha Holmes Thorn, I am a Licensed Professional Counselor and a Professional School Counselor in Birmingham, AL.  I believe that each person is the expert of their life. I also believe that at times we all need an objective person to listen and to help us find our center.
The counseling relationship is one of the most intimate relationships one will ever enter into. I strive to meet each person where they are, no judgments, no preconceived ideas. I believe that counseling is not about labeling problems, it is about developing coping skills and gaining self-awareness and self-understanding. We all have the answers inside of us and as a  counselor, I want to help you uncover these answers.
My counseling orientation is person-centered and solution-focused in nature; however, I am capable of working within other theoretical orientations to best help my clients reframe their thoughts about their problems. Together we find ways to uncover your strengths and live a more meaningful life.

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